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20 December 2009

20DEC09 Meteor/Meteorite News

City woman sees strange light in sky Thursday
Middletown Press
Roy Kilgard, an astronomer and research professor for Wesleyan University's Astronomy Department, said the alleged sighting may have been of a meteor. ...

你在视频看到的好像是在老馆上方划落但实际上划落的地方与天文馆要有一二百公里的距离北京天文馆馆长朱进表示这颗火流星如果在坠落地面时没有燃烧殆尽就有可能有陨石 ...

Skeptical about methane and Uranus
Discover Magazine (blog)
Also, scientists tested the idea that the methane seen to change on Mars with the seasons might be from meteorites, and find that they don't supply nearly ...

APOD: 2009 December 19 - Aurora Shimmer, Meteor Flash
A study in contrasts, it also captures the sudden flash of a fireball meteor from December's excellent Geminid meteor shower. Streaking past familiar stars ...

A Clear Voice for Science
Berthoud Recorder
Some meteor showers, like the Perseids in August, have been watched each year at the same time for many centuries. But the Ursid meteor shower, ...

UFO Flies Over Russia's Kremlin?
MyFox Illinois
Last week many were mystified by mysterious blue-green lights the stopped mid-air and circulated over Norway. Some people believed it could be a meteor or ...

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